What is the best CBD oil on the market: Everything you need to look for

November 26, 2021

When you come onto the Real Cannabis Club site we know you want more than just ads and nudges to buy our products. That’s why we’re going to put all of that to one side and dive into the details of what makes the best CBD oil. What you’ll read is impartial, scientific advice that tells you everything to look for, everything to avoid, and a whole host of extras no one else will tell you about…

Does full spectrum make a difference?

Finding CBD products you can trust is all about knowing what’s in them, and there’s no hotter topic than the THC content these days. THC is the active ingredient in cannabis that has the ability to get you ‘high’ and experiencing different psychological events. While what you put into your body is very much a personal choice, you want to know how much of ingredients like this are in the products you’re consuming. Sounds simple enough, right?

The problem is that because the industry has exploded in such a short space of time there’s no shortage of poor grade, imitation style products filtering into the market. A clever bit of branding and an eye-catching label could be all that stands between you and a product you really don’t want to put into your body. The issue is knowing what to look for.

Many products out there will be labeled as ‘CBD isolate’ which you might think means they’re guaranteed to be free from other ingredients like THC. Sadly that’s not the case right now, which is why we’ve gone in a completely different direction. By embracing the concept of full spectrum CBD we include the entire cannabis plant while filtering out the active THC compounds. The science shows you that when you give your body a variety of the other minor cannabinoids, as well as CBD, you get a whole host of clustered benefits.

What about THC in full spectrum CBD products?

Our gold CBD products are a great example of real quality, and in more ways than one. The THC content is tested independently, making sure that the trace amounts which remain after processing are well below the legal limits. This means you can take our products with confidence, knowing that you’ll get the benefits of CBD without any unwanted issues caused by rogue THC elements. The problem is that with some brands it’s not always clear whether, or to what extent, this type of testing has been carried out, which makes taking an informed decision impossible. If in doubt, pick a brand that’s clear and transparent about the testing it uses.

How can you trust the testing?

Any reputable cannabis supplier will be able to direct you to the independent lab that does their testing. This is a standard process used by the well-established brands in the industry, and one that’s often seen as an unnecessary luxury by those who are just trying to turn a quick profit and move onto to the next craze. If you can’t find out where the testing for your intended brand was done, and who did it, the chances are this information is being held back for a very good reason. You can also say the same thing about sourcing and processing…

Can you buy ethical cannabis products?

Whether it’s our capsules, our balms or our full range of oils, everything we put our name to is designed to make traceability as easy as clicking a button. Don’t get us wrong, there are good brands out there who go about things the right way, but there are also many who don’t.

Cannabis is a plant like any other at the end of the day, which means growing it and picking it puts a strain on the environment. With the CBD industry only set to grow in the years ahead, it’s clear that adopting green, sustainable approaches to every part of the manufacturing process has never mattered more.

So you can sleep with peace of mind you’ll want to look for brands who work with ethical and sustainable growers from regions you can trust. This will then allow you to trace the origin and purity of your products using secure approaches like the blockchain and QR code method we include with every purchase. It’s a key step when you want to be able to trust what you’re putting into your body, and it’s one we swear by, no matter what form your CBD usage takes.

CBD oils need to have well-defined concentrations

Our gold range of CBD oils contain 10% CBD for a very good reason: it’s what allows you to properly connect with the range of natural benefits the cannabis plant has to offer. Finding a brand that can clearly demonstrate the purity and concentration of the CBD you’re getting is vital if you want to make sure your efforts have the desired effect.

To make sure you can take our products with true peace of mind, we independently test random batches of all of our products for concentration and purity. And because we stand by our products and embed them in our daily lives, you know we’re investing in the practices and processes we trust to keep ourselves safe and well.

Carrier oils matter more than you think

With the CBD industry growing at such a rate there’s no shortage of new companies and brands looking to make a quick profit. One of the most common ways to do this is skip as much of the science and testing as possible and invest that saving into advertising and outreach. The result is often a brand that takes off fast but quickly gains a reputation for being less than transparent when you look into things a little bit deeper.

To make sure we never fall into this trap, we make sure everything we do is natural, organic and ethical every step of the way. But we don’t just focus on the CBD, we focus on the whole package. By using cold pressed hemp seed oil as our carrier, we put an end to harmful synthetics that get into your body when you think you’re treating yourself to a product that all about going natural. It’s what we’d expect when we were buying someone else’s product, so it’s exactly what we deliver when our name is on the bottle. 

Anything else you need to know?

Taking CBD is about so much more than a quick fix and a set of unrealistic outcomes — it’s a chance to completely change your approach to health and wellness. To help make it happen, we’ve created the Knowledge Zone where you can explore all the fine details and key scientific research that allows you to make an informed choice with true peace of mind. From there you can select whether you want to take your CBD in oil, capsule or balm form, as well as use a dosage calculator to make sure you get just the right amount for you. We like to think of it as the simple way to reconnect with the natural world, which is why we never do it any other way.

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