7 things only a third party CBD tester can provide 

October 28, 2022

If you want to be able to enjoy the full range of benefits of Northern Ireland’s finest CBD products, you need to be able to have the peace of mind that makes it all possible. The problem is that there are so many new products, brands and offerings on the market right now that finding the right one for you has never been harder. 

A clever bit of branding, or some eye-catching celebrity endorsements, are often all it takes to turn the heads of a major proportion of the market. Once that happens, viral social media campaigns soon follow, and before you know it, a substandard product has captured the public’s imagination. But there is another way: third party testing. Here’s why we invest so heavily in it and how this rigorous approach delivers Londonderry’s best CBD products direct to your door…

Knowledge of a clean environment 

Knowing that the environment in which your Londonderry CBD products are processed and packaged is pristine clean takes a massive weight off your shoulders. When a new industry like ours explodes almost overnight, there’s a massive influx of new providers. Many of them don’t have the brand recognition or subject-specific knowledge to allow them to stand out, so they have to resort to being the cheapest option on the market. 

While this is good for them from a marketing point of view, it’s often not the best thing for your mind and body. Why? Because the only way to be the cheapest on the market, if you don’t already have incredible scale and market penetration, is ultimately to cut corners. Substandard production processes and facilities that are used to mix various other products are prime examples of this type of approach. The beauty of third party testing is that it will flag up any such issues by diving deep into the quality of the end product. 

Peace of mind that there are no pesticides

The one problem with the hemp plant is that it’s like an organic sponge that soaks up so much of the surrounding environment. This is really something of a blessing and curse because while it allows your body to benefit from a truly diverse range of natural goodies, it can also unwittingly connect you with synthetics and other harmful nasties. 

One of the most common are synthetic pesticides that are sprayed on crops to protect yield from natural intruders. While everyone quite rightfully wants to protect their crop, doing it the right way is what really matters. We believe in doing things the natural way, which is why we take such pride in offering your Londonderry’s finest all-natural CBD products without ever having to compromise when it comes to quality or purity. Third party testing is the missing piece of the puzzle that ensures we never miss a thing. 

Proof that no heavy metals are present 

Heavy metals can enter your bloodstream and embed themselves in various different cells in the body, with many leading scientists increasingly coming round to the theory that they’re responsible for a number of chronic health conditions. The problem with heavy metals is that they’re hard to detect at the point of consumption as they deliver chronic issues, rather than readily noticeable acute issues that develop right there and then. They’re also virtually impossible to remove from the body once they’re in there. 

To ensure we never contribute to this growing environmental problem, we test all of our Northern Irish CBD products to ensure they’re pure and natural. We like to think of it as the only way to give you the priceless peace of mind that really does make all the difference. 

Data that shows no solvents are in your product 

Solvents are another type of synthetic that are readily absorbed by help plants that are grown in less than ideal environments. Many solvents have harmful toxic and carcinogenic properties that can have a detrimental effect on your long-term health. As with the heavy metals we’ve just touched on, you can be consuming them for years and years without so much as a sneaking suspicion that anything is wrong. 

Over time, they build up to a critical level that can then have a number of knock-on effects throughout the body. We use the strictest CBD testing anywhere in Northern Ireland to ensure this is never a problem when you put your trust in our products. 

The absence of all types of harmful mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are another potentially harmful inclusion that can undo plenty of the goodness CBD products made in Londonderry can provide. Testing with the help of a fully certified and referenced third party lab is the only way to accurately and reliably ensure you give your mind and body everything they need, and nothing more. That’s why we put our focus on purity and quality every single day. 

Detailed proof of the high quality of production

Knowing that your CBD choices are made with care and attention to detail in a suitable environment is something that will be right at the top of your life when you want to guarantee true peace of mind. Our third party testing initiatives ensure that any potential issues are detected well in advance, corrected, and result in an even better product. In fact, because everything we sell has a QR code where you can instantly access individualised data, you really do never have to worry about a thing. 

Evidence of the quality of equipment and no risk of contamination 

Anyone who follows elite sport will have seen over the years there have been a number of cases of sportsmen and women testing positive for banned substances, only to swear blind that they never took anything. Sometimes they were doping, but other times they innocently took a legal supplement that was contaminated at source. 

By investing heavily in third party CBD testing in Northern Ireland, we ensure this is never something you have to worry about when you put your trust in us. We employ leaders in their field to dive deeper into our products than anyone else, ensuring that no stone is left unturned when it’s time to deliver truly natural health and wellness in a holistic way. Just what you want to hear when you’re ready to supplement your current wellness routine with a range of products that are exactly what they claim to be, and nothing more. 

Final thoughts 

Now that we’ve shared one of the secrets behind our pure CBD production processes, it’s over to you to find the perfect way to fit CBD into your daily life. We can personally speak to the benefits and life-changing impact it’s had for us, and we truly believe it will do exactly the same for you.

When you’re ready to take the next step and really start to invest in your natural health and wellness the holistic way, explore our range for inspiration. You could also take a look at other articles in our ever-expanding blog to learn more about Northern Irish CBD products, how they work, and the wellness benefits they can quickly connect you with. 

Enjoy your wellness journey! 

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