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A Global Club & Community

At Real Cannabis Club we are passionate about optimising your wellbeing through the transformative power of cannabis & embedding it into your daily life!

Meet the team

A vision for how things should be

Meet Phil, Peter and Matthew. Three young professionals who have experienced the transformative power of Cannabis first hand. An entrepreneur, a doctor and a lawyer, we started RCC with a genuine passion for alternative medicine and witnessing the transformative power of cannabis ourselves and through friends and family. We wanted to build a business where customers could feel confident buying premium products that were sourced ethically and from people who genuinely care about the environment.

Phil from Real Cannabis Club

Our Ambition

Reducing the stigma

We created Real Cannabis Club with the ambition to reduce the stigma around legalised cannabis- derived products by running an ethical, organic and trustworthy brand that highlights the truly amazing health benefits of this plant-based product that cultures around the world have used for centuries.

Keeping it Real

Affordable & Accountable

We want to make cannabis-based products affordable for everyone so that as many people as possible can reap the health benefits. We feel we are building something really special and we invite you to be a part of that journey.

Our Process

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