Is full spectrum CBD legal for use in the UK?

June 5, 2023

When you’re working hard on your health and wellness, you want to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re also doing the right thing from a legal perspective. While many of us would at least be tempted to take a silver bullet if it made us feel great and transformed our wellness, common sense prevails and we do it by the book. That’s where we get the topic of this article from, and we want to take a real deep dive to make sure you find the answers that a quick google doesn’t have space to provide. 

Full spectrum CBD is legal for use in the UK

We wanted to get that out of the way nice and quick and avoid any of the will it be won’t it be type confusion that endless when will cannabis be legalised articles have thrown up. After all, cannabis legalisation is a complicated enough topic without it being allowed to spill over into the legal world of CBD use. 

You might think we could just end the article now that we’ve answered the question in a single paragraph, but how about some more background info? You never know, it might just open your eyes to new things that are worth looking at or taking into account. For example: you may not be able to legally buy cannabis online, and it’s virtually impossible to get a cannabis prescription in the UK, but you can buy CBD legally…subject to certain conditions. 

There are outdated articles online that will claim you can only buy CBD that has been prepared within the UK. This is untrue and should be ignored — one of the issues with online articles is that they’re rarely updated when the events they’re talking about evolve. You could of course argue that they’re timestamped, but how many of us do anything like look up the date of publication when we get a top rated Google search result? We don’t, there’s nothing wrong with the fact we don’t, but we’re also aware of the drawbacks that this brings. 

Part of the debate about cannabis UK legalisation is where cannabis should come from. Clearly, no politician or health professional is going to advocate for legalising the illegal suppliers who currently get cannabis on street corners. This type of criminality not only leads to the exploitation of innocent people who won’t be protected, but also to unpredictable products. This argument then extends to the supply of CBD, although we want to stress, once again, that CBD and cannabis are two very different beasts. 

While it’s legal to buy and sell CBD in the UK, it still has to be from an approved source. That’s not to say that it has to be developed and processed solely within the UK, but there are still restrictions to both the import and the sale. Think of it this way, just because alcohol is legal to buy and sell in the UK, should anyone be able to create their own bathtub moonshine and sell it? Clearly not because no one would be able to confirm specifically what’s in the solution. The same goes for CBD, whether we’re talking about products developed here in the UK, or those imported from abroad. There’s simply no way you can allow homemade products that people ingest to reach the shelves without an ounce of oversight. 

No matter whether or not you live in a country where cannabis is legal, you want to know that what you’re taking is pure and natural. The same goes for CBD, which is why we’re proud to inform you that our Londonderry CBD ticks all the boxes when it comes to transparency, compliance and quality control. Third party testing of everything we produce, combined with packet-by-packet testing results that you can look up simply by scanning the QR code that comes with your purchase are central to what we do. It’s all about making sure that you get precisely what your mind and body need, and nothing more. When it comes to your health and wellness, we simply wouldn’t settle for anything less. 

We also feel it’s really important to stress the fact that this is a rapidly evolving subject. At time of writing there’s a large amount of disinformation about how CBD is regulated in the UK. Often this is simply due to a lack of understanding, and occasionally there’s an attempt to cloud things and hide the truth. We’re not in the business of pointing figures at any one particular brand because it’s irresponsible — all we want to do is make sure you’re aware that what one article says from a random account may not be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. 

As one of Northern Ireland’s premier health and wellness brands with a focus on pure CBD, we’re always pushing for more regulation. Some will say that regulation constrains innovation and increases prices, but we simply don’t see it like that. The rule of regulation is to make sure everyone abides by the same rules and works to the same standards. It’s about making sure that the products you put into your body are exactly what you expect them to be and that they do precisely what you want them to do. There’s nothing wrong with having rules and regulations that make sure this happens at every level and across every product on the shelves. 

We also want to continue to push for openness when it comes to the ideal amount of CBD to put into the body at any given time. Some will swear blind that a specific dosage and routine is the only way to do it, but we know from experience that the human body is just so much more complicated than that. It’s a complex system that’s in a constant state of flux, meaning that CBD can be processed differently by different people, and also by yourself, across time. This isn’t a downside of this type of supplementation, it’s just real-world science taking the place of provocative, eye-catching branding. After all, when you want to look and feel your best with a little help from the natural world, isn’t it important that you go about it the right way and armed with all the correct information on day one. We think so, which is why we never approach the issue of CBD supplementation any other way.

Final thoughts 

We hope that this article has not only answered the question that was on your mind, but also given you a much better idea of the overall CBD landscape. The legal side of things may not be the most interesting or captivating thing to read about at times, but we want you to be able to sleep easy knowing that you can trust everything our CBD brand supplies. Perfect when you want to know that you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of enjoying the quality of life you so richly deserve.  Now we’ll leave you in peace, invite you to take a look at our range, and then get busy providing you with exactly what you want.

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