How to make CBD Oil

March 13, 2020

First of all, thankfully you don’t have to. You’ve got us, we’re in your corner.

Our mission is to bring premium quality CBD Oils, Balms and Capsules to our customers. 100% Organic and made in the UK, we offer full transparency and traceability through our blockchain technology. What’s more, 5% of every order will go to a nominated charity of choice – why? Because we know CBD is expensive, but we think everyone should, so we do product giveaways.

But since you ask…

Let’s explore our manufacturing process:

  1. We import high quality hemp from artisan hand selected farms across Europe
  2. We dry the raw materials
  3. We extract the TCH from our full spectrum product. There are a number of ways you can do this – Co2 extraction, cold pressing, ethanol and hydrocarbon separation. We use CO2.
  4. We winterize the distillation end product, this is a fancy word for separating any impurities.
  5. We bottle it.
  6. We ship it.

It’s a tough process. We have a purpose built production
facility, extraction capability and testing lab.

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That’s why we can provide a Certificate of Analysis with
each product that will tell you:

% CBD Content

% THC Content

% Terpenes


And so on, because we have a full and holistic understanding
of our product content.

Read more on CBD Oil from the WHO here

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