How do I take CBD?

December 5, 2019

We know at this point now that CBD Oil has many benefits, however the next step for guidance on this new ground-breaking product is the dosage; How much do I take and how do I take it? With this simple guide we are going to address some of these key questions. Our goal is to get you clued up prior to taking the next step into a new age of health and wellbeing.


CBD: The Basics

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it’s now more commonly known is one of 50+ active compounds in Cannabis. These compounds (cannabinoids) affect the body in multiple ways. We know it doesn’t get you ‘high’ which is one of the reasons why it’s legal. But the increasing demand for CBD Oil is due to research that points to the benefits below:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce seizures
  • Reduce symptoms of IBS
  • Improve heart health
  • Relieve muscle pain

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CBD Oil Dosage

Using a dosage calculator will give you an indication of how much CBD Oil you should be taking depending on physical attributes such as:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Condition
  • Concentration (how you are consuming etc. Eatables are more diluted but less effective than full CBD Oil drops for example)

However it is important to note that there is no exact science involved in dosage levels and if concerned about your levels of dosage then a medical professional should be contacted. If you can’t get an accurate read on how much you should take or don’t feel the need to contact a doctor then it’s best to start with a small dosage and work your way up to your desired effect – however careful consideration and or medical consultation is recommended before using CBD Oil.

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Can you take too much CBD Oil?

There’s no recorded evidence to date that you can overdose on CBD – however much like any other supplements you take, it’s important to understand when you are feeling side effects or if you don’t feel yourself.

Research has indicated that any side effects, although rare, such as nausea, fatigue, changes in weight and appetite are the causes of external factors, such as other medication etc. Therefore it is recommended to consult your physician if you are concerned about this.


Your CBD Oil experience is individual to you. Despite this, there are certain recommendations or guidance tools which can help point you in the direction of a recommended dose for yourself. Dosage depends entirely on how you consume CBD. For example lower concentration levels in eatables will mean it will take a higher concentration to feel the effects.

Finally, although side effects are rarely reported it is important to consult a GP if you are concerned.

Try out our dosage calculator. Or want to know more? Check out for more info


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