Which foods could be sabotaging your CBD supplementation?

April 19, 2023

While CBD has swept the world in terms of the health and wellness benefits science has shown it can offer, is there more you need to know about it? For example, what if searching for answers to questions like how long does cannabis stay in your blood was largely pointless because of the food you were eating? Imagine if you were taking something that could potentially undo or counteract the benefits of CBD, wouldn’t you want to know whether you noticed this was the case? Of course you would, so we’re going to dive into the details without delay. 

If you want to know how long does cannabis stay in your system for, you need to know other things that may be causing the impact it has on you to change. Too much fatty food is a surefire way to slow down your body’s core processes and cause plenty of toxins to be sucked into your fat cells. The problem here is that you’re slowing down and blocking up the detox pathways your body relies on to look and feel its best. If those pathways cannot perform to their optimum, how are you ever going to get the full range of benefits from your latest purchase from our Londonderry CBD business? The answer is simple: you won’t be able to. 

While no fat in your diet isn’t healthy either, switching to as many healthy fats as possible is the way to go. Oily fish contains plenty of fatty oils that can help with everything from brain health and immune response to muscle repair and memory, which isn’t something you can say about the saturated fats in ultra processed food. If in doubt when it comes to fat, make sure you’re eating something that you can either grow in the ground or catch in the wild. Everything else is likely to be full of fats and additives that could cause your body to suck in toxins and be forced to endure the imbalance that this will cause.

Another thing to consider if you want to know how long cannabis stays in your urine is how hydrated you are. If you’re constantly thirsty and dehydrated then you’ll be struggling to maintain the energy and dynamism your body thrives on at  cellular level. Something as simple as having an extra litre of water a day really can make a world of difference to the way you function and feel, not least of all because your body won’t be constantly in survival mode. 

By making sure that you have enough water in each and every cell in the body, you can make sure that you can flush out toxins and byproducts, leaving only the key components of a healthy diet behind. Ideal if you want to find a new way to change your approach to consuming CBD in particular, and dieting in general. It’s also worth paying attention to what you’re drinking. In a lot of cases we will reach for a fizzy drink because they taste nice and the fizzing sensation in the mouth gives many of us a pleasing dopamine hit. The problem here is pretty simple: you’re sending your body on a rollercoaster of energy and focus because of the sugar highs and lows you’ll be experiencing. Something that’s surely not ideal if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of getting the most from your recent CBD intake. 

Dairy products are another common example, fatty cheeses and milk chief among them. While many of us love to snack on both of these, they may not always be the best possible thing you can put into your body. Don’t worry, we’re not going to say that to get the most out of your CBD intake you have to go fully vegan overnight, but it would be worth paying a little closer attention to how much dairy you put into your body. 

The reason is that while many of us won’t be allergic to dairy, we may well be intolerant without realising it. What’s the difference? If you’re allergic then you’ll have an acute reaction every time you take dairy and you’ll be in no doubt that you don’t want to consume it. With some rudimentary testing at a young age, virtually everyone who is allergic to dairy will know about it.

Intolerance is a little different in that millions of us are lactose intolerant and can go decades without even realising it. The reason for this is that consuming dairy when you’re intolerant leads to a chronic impact rather than an acute reaction. If you have dairy on any given day not a lot will happen, but as the effect builds up over time you’ll become sluggish, more prone to coughs and colds and could worsen common respiratory conditions like asthma or skin conditions like eczema. Why? Because an intolerance to dairy will cause inflammation and make your body have to constantly fight to stay balanced. The longer this goes on for, the worse you’re going to feel. 

Because your body will be under a continually heightened state of stress, you will soon find that you’re missing out on the benefits of CBD. Actually, it’s worse than that. Because you won’t know any different, you’ll assume that what you’re experiencing now is the best it will get with CBD, which in a lot of cases means you might want to stop taking it. What a shame to miss out on the full spectrum of health and wellness benefits nature is trying to provide you with just because you’re unwittingly taking something you’re intolerant to during most meals. And the story doesn’t end there…

Been googling for answers to common questions like, how long do cannabis stay in your system? You’re really just wasting your time here if your diet isn’t on point because your diet will have a massive impact on your body’s ability to filter out and process substances you put into it. It’ll also be impaired when it comes to its ability to absorb and breakdown the CBD you ingest, meaning that you miss out in more ways than one. 

We like to try and keep things as simple as possible when it comes to creating a healthy diet by following the adage we mentioned a little earlier: only eat what you can grow in the ground or catch in the wild. This would rule out things like dairy, sugary sweets and snacks, crisps, junk food and bread. Instead you’ll be eating plates of meat and veg, supplementing them with fish, and snacking on fruit. 

Granted, we know everyone likes a cheat meal once in a while, and we certainly don’t want you to feel like you have to completely go without if you’re going to be healthy. The key here is balance and being proportional to the task at hand. Take your time, build a diet and a routine that fits around your lifestyle and way of life, and then put it into practice. 

Once you do, you’ll find that you’ve never felt better because you’ll finally be giving your body everything it needs, and nothing more. Ideal when you want to look and feel better than you have in years.

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