Are there different dosages for medical cannabis?

March 15, 2023

Cannabis has gained a lot of attention in recent years because of the rise in it being seen as more of a health and wellness supplement than purely a recreational drug. That said, there are still a large number of people who negatively view medical cannabis and medicinal use as just a backdoor way of getting high. In this explainer article, we want to confront those misconceptions by talking you through the experiences and insights gained from building one of the UK’s biggest and most trusted CBD brands. 

The first thing we need to talk about is just how common is medical cannabis use in the UK? A quick search for “medical cannabis oil” online will give you all sorts of explanations of whether it’s better to take 2 mg or 5 mg, to inhale or to ingest, and dozens of other key points. But before diving down that rabbit hole and getting too far ahead of yourself, check the country of origin of those articles. Why? Because they’re almost certainly going to be from the US where cannabis prescriptions are now commonplace. 

While prescriptions in the UK are legal on the NHS, they are still at something of an embryonic stage where they’re highly unusual. For this reason, we’d exercise caution when looking into the literature you’ll find online. Yes, it can provide an interesting series of insights into how smoking cannabis for medicinal purposes can best be carried out, but you will probably find you won’t get a prescription for it at home. In time, we sincerely hope that the growing body of scientific evidence changes medical cannabis UK law, but there are no signs that that will happen in the foreseeable.

One alternative that some take is to try and self-medicate with cannabis smoking, but this is not advised. You may be able to estimate the best dosages based on literature from the US, but it remains a criminal offence to be found in possession of cannabis in the UK.

Now that we’ve highlighted the differences between the UK and US, and the risks of self medication, let’s talk about a better, more rounded approach to using cannabis for health and wellness. While smoking unprocessed cannabis will give you the feeling of getting high, our Londonderry-based CBD brand is free from THC and stops you from experiencing any of these potential side effects. What’s left? The natural benefits of everything from reduced anxiety and stress to a way to soothe and reduce chronic pain and inflammation in dozens of sights in your body. Ideal if you want to take a natural, balanced and holistic approach to health and wellness with a little help from the life-affirming properties of pure CBD oils. 

In a perfect world, you would be able to go to a GP or clinician who would put you on a personalised treatment pathway, but we’re not quite there yet in terms of rules and regulations in the UK. We’re pushing from our base here in Londonderry to make this vision a reality because we know of the health and wellness benefits, but these types of journeys always take time and cannot be rushed or forced through. 

What we can offer instead is a range of fully tested, certified and carefully reviewed dosages that allow you to gradually increase your intake. By using a trusted UK-based CBD supplier like us who invests so heavily in independent testing, you can sleep easy knowing that you’re putting into your body exactly what you think, and nothing more. Something which is essential if you want to ensure that you can achieve the type of results, performance increases and improvements in quality of life that you’re looking for on a sustainable, long-term basis. 

The key to making actual changes in your life is to be scientific when it comes to putting new substances into your body. Eliminate the psychoactive THC by shopping our range of tested Londonderry-based CBD products. Take the correct dosage by starting with our most dilute concentration and then keeping a journal of how it affects you. Increase the dosage to the next level in our range if symptoms you want to eliminate persist and continue keeping a journal of the impact it has. In the absence of a medical cannabis UK law that allows a GP to do this for you, this is by far and away the best option you have at your disposal right now. 

Something else that’s really important is to have a little humility when it comes to CBD supplementation, and it’s crucial we explain why. Of course, we want to sell CBD supplements because that’s what our business does, but it’s not the be all and end all for us. What we really want to do is make a difference to your life in a way that’s healthy, sustainable, and able to allow you to do things you never thought were possible. That could be something as simple as giving you the confidence to apply for a new job or start dating again, or it could be something as transformative as soothing the chronic pain that’s forced you to feel like life is one big struggle for all these years. Where does the humility part come in? You have to accept that while you know your body well, no one knows quite like Mother Nature knows it! 

Think of every product you buy from us as a helping hand from Mother Nature, and you’ll never go wrong on your quest for improved health and wellness. 

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