Do you ever need a detox while taking cannabis?

March 15, 2023

Is there ever too much of a good thing when it comes to health and wellness? Let’s break this down and get a little more scientific, so we can take a closer look at what balancing your approach to health and wellness really means. 

One of the common ways you can overdo things is from a psychological point of view: you’re too tunnel-visioned in your approach. While setting yourself a goal, and having the self-discipline to stick to it, is a great achievement, you can take things too far if you’re not careful. 

If you end up missing out on a social life, love life, even family life because of your health and wellness choices then clearly you’ve got the balance wrong. Yes, you may be recording great numbers and metrics in terms of your physical health, but do you really want to do that at the expense of everything else life has to offer? 

The key here is always that same little word: balance. Now, while we don’t want to lecture you on common-sense stuff like making time for your friends, we do want to talk about moderation in a different sense. When you’re taking cannabis or CBD products from our Londonderry-based brand’s range, you need to find the right balance.  

Cannabis has health benefits, CBD products can help with mental and physical health yet they all help cloud the issue of balance when it comes to using cannabis and CBD products for medicinal and wellness purposes. 

You can have too much of a good thing in more ways than one, with the two main categories being acute and chronic. Acute overuse would be a sudden allergic reaction, severe illness or overdose. Virtually all of us will be able to spot these types of issues quite easily and then begin to take action to correct things. The difficulty lies in doing the same thing for chronic issues. 

A chronic issue is one that gradually builds up and gets worse over time as the underlying causes go unaddressed. They can be much harder to spot, difficult to attribute to a specific trigger and often go undiagnosed for years at a time. So, with this in mind, are there any chronic issues that can be brought on by the overuse of cannabis or UK-based CBD products?

Let’s focus on cannabis to begin with and one of the most common issues that you will hear about in the mainstream media: paranoia. Now, before we go any further, it’s important to mention that all such cases are triggered by the psychoactive ingredient THC which is not present in our Northern Irish CBD products. 

What we’re really talking about with long-term chronic issues that trigger paranoia is years of heavy use. The problem here is that when you’re smoking cannabis purely for enjoyment and recreational purposes, you can quite easily consume a lot more than if you are taking it for medicinal reasons. Over time, just like when you drink alcohol, your tolerance increases. Rather than this meaning cannabis has a constantly reducing impact on your mind and body, it will virtually always mean that you choose to smoke more cannabis to experience the same highs and sensations. While what you do in your life is ultimately your decision, and we are not here to judge, there is a definite downside to this type of cannabis use. 

Smoking cannabis heavily on a daily basis will cause fundamental changes to the way the brain works, resulting in paranoia and isolation in the most extreme cases. Although it’s really important to note here we’re talking about usage that is many times in excess of what you will achieve using our UK CBD product range which is free from THC. 

If you are a heavy cannabis smoker to the point where it is causing you to suppress your diet or miss out on socialising due to heightened anxiety and paranoia, you need to realign things. While we don’t want to preach from a pedestal and try to shame you into taking action, you may find that with some fresh perspective, things have gotten out of hand. Reducing your intake and gradually transitioning to a more wellness-focused approach to cannabis by using our Londonderry CBD products could make a real difference to your life. 

Do you need to detox when you’re taking THC-free CBD products for health and wellness? After all, we mentioned earlier that if you’re a heavy daily smoker, you will have to smoke more and more over the years to achieve the same high. Is the same the case when it comes to health and wellness? Short answer: no. Now for the long answer…

The key thing with taking CBD for health and wellness is not knowing how long does cannabis stay in your blood, but knowing you have the right amount in there. This is a really important distinction because rather than randomly selected doses chosen based on what you feel like you want to experience (like with heavy smoking), CBD supplementation is far more scientific. 

The idea of detoxing from CBD usage is the same as suggesting someone takes a detox from their daily multi-vitamin: it just doesn’t make sense and misses the point. What’s really important to do instead is to get the dosage right and then reassess it at regular intervals of 2-3 months in case your body type has changed. 

Now that we’ve highlighted the distinctions and given you ideas on how to approach each case, it’s over to you to explore our Londonderry CBD range and start living even better. Enjoy! 

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