CBD Products and supply chain transparency

February 25, 2020

Head of Finance Jason McIntosh discusses CBD and the importance of transparency for supply chain economics.

Fair Trade

CBD is undoubtedly growing in popularity right now. More and more people are becoming aware of the health benefits linked to regular use of cannabidiol. However, the benefits associated with such use are dependent on the CBD content within the oil itself. A higher CBD content means a higher dose in each drop.

Look online or in shops and you’ll find oils which range from 1 or 2% through to 10% or higher. This means that the effectiveness of the oil will vary greatly.  Sounds simple, right?

Buy an oil with a higher stated CBD content if you want a dose that will actually give you the benefits claimed? Not quite. Whilst the choice in terms of content is varied, consumers are increasingly seeing evidence that the stated CBD content doesn’t match up with the actual contents. Sometimes, it’s not even close.


Studies by consumer groups has found a frightening discrepancy between the stated content of CBD and what is actually in the bottle. Far from ideal when you’re paying for a particular product because of the benefits that it can bring. Worse still, it creates a lack of trust across the CBD industry. If you buy a product with a 10% CBD content – then you deserve a product with at least 10% CBD content. Transparency in the supply chain is also about protecting the consumer. Yes, business is founded upon making a profit – but supply chain transparency also stops the customer being exploited. Tracking raw materials from seeds, to harvest to end product, enables Real Cannabis Club to offer this assurance.

Real Cannabis Club

That’s where Real Cannabis Club comes in.

Thanks to our innovative blockchain solution, and traceability promise, they are able to guarantee the quality of the products they offer. Find out more about Real Cannabis Club and Blockchain here.

With our blockchain solution, you can trace the contents and journey of your product right from its beginning at the plant. Furthermore, each product is carefully analysed for quality. If it’s not right – it’s not sold.  All customers deserve the guarantee of a high quality product. They deserve a product that is fully traceable – and that’s why the QR code on every RCC product allows you to download the Certificate of Analysis to see that quality for yourself. It’s vital to allow the public to gain trust in the benefits that embedding cannabis into your life can bring. The protection and promotion of these values isn’t just a Unique Selling Point for RCC – it’s about doing the right thing. 

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