What are the benefits of full spectrum vs CBD isolate

How can I access medical cannabis in the UK?

August 17, 2023

With an ever-evolving global perspective on cannabis, many countries, including the UK, have witnessed significant changes in their legislation surrounding the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. While it’s undeniable that the topic remains surrounded by some misconceptions and concerns, the tide is slowly turning. For those of you seeking information on how to access … Continued

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Why Should the UK Legalise Cannabis?

August 3, 2023

In the garden of controversy, one plant has long stood out—cannabis. To some, it’s a villain; to others, a misunderstood hero. Today, we’ll step beyond the veil of misconception to consider why the United Kingdom should legalise cannabis. The suggestion of cannabis legalisation often raises eyebrows. But rest assured, we aren’t advocating for the UK … Continued

Buying CBD oil online

What does the law say about buying and selling CBD in the UK?

June 5, 2023

A quick Google search will show you that CBD really is making waves in the world of health and wellness in ways few could have predicted just a few short years ago. With everything in the world of CBD seemingly just a click away online, what do you really need to know to make sure … Continued

Which countries are the strictest on cannabis use?

March 16, 2023

Whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure, you want to be able to enjoy all the same health and wellness benefits you take for granted at home. The tricky part is that while you know how cannabis is treated at home in the UK, other countries and cultures can view it somewhat differently.  Before diving … Continued

Are there different dosages for medical cannabis?

March 15, 2023

Cannabis has gained a lot of attention in recent years because of the rise in it being seen as more of a health and wellness supplement than purely a recreational drug. That said, there are still a large number of people who negatively view medical cannabis and medicinal use as just a backdoor way of … Continued

Is cannabis legal

Is Cannabis Legal?

February 28, 2023

Cannabis, a plant that has been a topic of controversy for many years. With the increasing interest in the potential medical benefits of cannabis, as well as the growing acceptance of its recreational use, the question of whether or not cannabis is legal is one that is on many people’s minds. The answer, however, is … Continued

What are the long term effects of taking cannabis

What are the long term effects of taking cannabis?

February 28, 2023

Now that everyone is waking up to the proven science that shows CBD can help with everything from social anxiety to chronic pain, it’s time we dived deeper into the plant it comes from. Cannabis has been seen as something of a recreational drug and nothing more for far too long. It’s a naturally flourishing … Continued

is cannabis legal in new york?

Is cannabis legal in NYC if I go on holiday?

February 28, 2023

Good question! With so many parts of the US decriminalising and legalising cannabis in recent years, it can be hard to keep up. To keep things short, the answer is yes! It is legal to use and possess cannabis in NYC under certain conditions. To make sure you don’t fall foul of any legal loopholes … Continued

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How will Cannabis legalisation change in 2023 in the UK?

February 27, 2023

In recent years cannabis has changed from being viewed as a purely recreational drug popular mainly with specific sections of society to a potential health and wellness revolution. Brands like our Londonderry CBD business have been driving this change, in no small part thanks to our commitment to raising awareness of the stringent third party … Continued

buying cannabis online

Can you legally buy cannabis online in the UK?

February 27, 2023

There are far too many articles out there that try to talk their way around this issue and say that you can buy cannabis online. We’ve decided to clear this up once and for all with a simple, on-word answer: no.  If you want to buy unregulated street cannabis online in the UK, this is … Continued