Real Cannabis Club CBD Balm

CBD Balms to the Rescue

September 15, 2021

Are you weary of depending on numerous medicinal products to treat diseases like pain, sleeplessness, and anxiety? It can be intimidating when expensive brands fail to have an impression. If you are searching for an organic answer to your long list of physical and mental health difficulties, cannabidiol (CBD) products may be right for you. … Continued

scientist inspecting cannabis plant

Full spectrum v isolate CBD – which is better and why?

June 28, 2021

What is full spectrum CBD and how is it different from an isolate?  There are many options of CBD to choose from, but how do you know which to choose?  Today’s blog post answers these questions and more!  It’s time to take a closer look at cannabidiol and see which form is the best. There … Continued


What is the Endocannibinoid system?

June 2, 2021

How do THC and CBD actually work?  Is there more to cannabinoids than meets the eye?  What is this endocannabinoid system mentioned when talking about the benefits of cannabis?  Today’s post reveals all! Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System Cannabis has been shown in many studies to offer a wide range of treatment options, but how … Continued

what is CBG

What is CBG?

May 21, 2021

Is CBG the new health hero? From market fads to scientific breakthroughs, today’s post about this lesser known cannabinoid has it all! CBD is hyped around the world for its health and wellbeing benefits, but have you heard of CBG? While by no means a new discovery, the compound is just starting to enter the … Continued

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CBD and Anxiety

April 30, 2021

CBD has been praised for its therapeutic effects on many different chronic conditions and disorders, but how does it work for people suffering with anxiety? Does CBD offer a solution for those stressed out or experiencing panic, and how does this substance actually work to manage symptoms? Today is all about the answers.     … Continued

CBD Benefits

What Does CBD Oil Do?

April 20, 2021

CBD is often talked about as a cure all, but today it’s time to demystify this hugely popular substance and talk about how it works, why it works, and what the benefits are. How Does CBD Oil Work? The CBD industry is booming, and the market for all types of applications (from coffee and skincare … Continued

Cannabis Legislation

Cannabis Legislation UK

April 20, 2021

Is cannabis illegal? What are the laws for CBD in the UK? When did cannabis regulations start, and what is this drug’s future in Britain? Today’s guide on cannabis legislation explores all these questions and more!   History of Cannabis Legislation in the UK: The UK has always been slow to adapt and adopt new … Continued


CBD Oil under the tongue

November 23, 2020

CBD isn’t your average supplement. Aside from its purported effects, CBD is also taken in a different way. Rather than being swallowed like other supplements, it’s placed under the tongue. Why should you take CBD Oil under the tongue? The simple answer is that, when held under the tongue, CBD enters the bloodstream immediately. Unlike … Continued


CBD Oil & Drug Tests

October 23, 2020

Does CBD show up on a drug test? It’s one of the biggest questions our customers ask. The perception of Cannabis as a drug, rather than a plant, leads people to wonder whether it will show up in a drugs test by their employer. The short answer is no and the long answer is also … Continued

what does cbd oil do

What does CBD Oil do?

October 13, 2020

At Real Cannabis Club, it is so important to us not to make any false or misleading medicinal claims. Our CBD is a food supplement, not intended to treat any ailments. CBD is one of over 100 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis or marijuana plant, Cannabis sativa . Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main … Continued