Can your body become immune to the benefits of CBD?

June 5, 2023

As Londonderry’s premier CBD supplier for all things health and wellness, we’ve been busy researching the science behind CBD since the last time you stopped by. That’s because we are so much more than a brand — we’re a passionate team of health and wellness professionals who are ready and waiting to show you what happens when you really put your trust in the winning combination of science and nature. 

One of the questions we get asked all the time is how CBD works in terms of building up tolerances or developing immunity. It’s a complex question to answer, but a sensible one to ask. We all have experience with alcohol and how regular drinking builds up a tolerance, allowing your liver and kidneys to process the alcohol faster. We’ve also all seen cases where someone drinks far too much over an extended period of time, resulting in a deterioration in their health and wellness. Sorosis of the liver can be a permanent condition that greatly increases a heavy drinker’s chances of premature death. Clearly there is a balance to be struck by taking enough of a given substance to develop a tolerance, and taking so much that it results in long-term damage. 

While CBD is a different chemical to alcohol, and therefore offers different experiences to users who take it, the example of drinking is a useful one. It gets us thinking about what it really means to build up a tolerance, whether or not it’s a good thing to do in terms of your health, and what happens when you go too far. Let’s dive right in and see how far we can get by the time we get to the end of the page…

The first thing to say is that when you take medical cannabis oil, you’re not at risk of overdosing. Huge amounts of alcohol taken in a short space of time causes blood poisoning which can prove fatal, but no such effect occurs when taking CBD oil. That said, we always strongly advise sticking to a sensible, conservative dose to avoid overloading the body. Any type of undue stress, even if it doesn’t prove fatal, is clearly no good for you. This is especially the case if you’re taking cannabis oil to treat chronic pain, improve your mental health, or find ways to get through the day by using nature to help balance out your moods. If in doubt: be sensible. 

The Law On CBD In The UK

The next thing to consider is that medical cannabis UK law allows you to take substances like CBD oil, everyone will process it differently. Your age, weight, body fat levels and metabolic rate will all impact the speed and efficiency with which your body can process CBD. You might take longer to break it down, your body might be less efficient at taking it in, you may see the effect spread out over a longer period of time. These things not only change from person to person, they can change slightly from day to day in the case of the same user too. The body is incredibly complex with around 10,000 active substances responsible for regulating it at any one time. If you want to make sure you have the right balance deep inside of you, sticking to a consistent dose taken at the same time during the day is the best way to reduce the number of variables in play. 

CBD Usage Over Time

You may also want to think about how CBD builds up in the body over time: how your tolerance evolves as you begin to use it. Some people will think that if you simply take a substance your body will get better at coping with it, making you more resistant to it. Something that is often thrown out there by means of example is the image of someone lifting weights in the gym. They train, get sore muscles, recover, and then their muscles grow. Over time they become stronger, making it easier to lift small weights and giving them the capability to lift heavier weights. While this analogy is useful to a point, we want to think about what it means when we stretch it fully to try and fit the case of CBD

If you get stronger and can lift heavier weights, the tolerance you’ve built up is great — you’ve boosted your overall performance. But does that mean if you take CBD for an extended period of time and become immune to it that it’s awesome you now have to increase your dosage? It doesn’t necessarily hold true when you think about it like that, does it?

The reason for this is that taking CBD is fundamentally different to lifting weights in that CBD builds up in your system over a period of time. This is the point at which the analogy no longer serves to be useful and can, in fact, muddy the waters and hide the real issue that’s at play here folks. 

When you take CBD for the first month or so, you will likely find that the impact it has on your health and well being fluctuates and evolves. This is because it needs to build up to pass a baseline level in your system, allowing your brain to get a steady supply of it over and above a threshold amount. This then means you can enjoy the consistent benefits right throughout your daily cycle, as opposed to just sudden hits that you get when taking things caffeinated energy drinks or high-sugar processed snacks. 

Once your body’s level of CBD reaches a certain amount, you will likely find that upping your dosage further simply has no effect. This is because the latest body of scientific research (and it’s growing and evolving all the time folks) appears to show that excess CBD is simply passed back out of your system. There is, unsurprisingly, an upper level to the amount of CBD your body can handle and it screens out the rest. 

In this case, what we would advise doing is coming off your CBD, or at least greatly reducing your dosage for around 3-4 days. This will allow your body to fully rid itself of the excess CBD that’s simply going to waste and costing you money. Continuing to give it more and more CBD is completely self-defeating because not only is the body getting rid of it as quickly as possible, it’s also having to burn up additional energy in doing so. Something that really will hit you from two different angles if you’re just trying to boost your overall health and wellness. 

Once the level of CBD in your body has dropped down again, you can resume with your original dosage. You will likely have to do this at periodic increments throughout your journey with CBD — something many people who take our Londonderry CBD products refer to as ‘cycling’ your supplementation.  If you would like more information about any of the issues discussed above, please feel free to reach out and connect whenever you’re ready. We’re health and wellness advocates who truly care, so we love nothing more than hearing from like-minded people looking to improve their lives.

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