Can you legally buy cannabis online in the UK?

February 27, 2023

There are far too many articles out there that try to talk their way around this issue and say that you can buy cannabis online. We’ve decided to clear this up once and for all with a simple, on-word answer: no. 

If you want to buy unregulated street cannabis online in the UK, this is still illegal. The fact that there is a big social shift towards cannabis in recent years driven by new research into health and wellness benefits is irrelevant. The law still stands and it’s illegal to buy cannabis online in the UK at time of writing in 2023. But does the discussion end there? Well, if you’re trying to find a way to purchase street style cannabis then yes. But if you’re simply looking for a way to benefit from the health and wellness positives cannabis can deliver, then no. What are we talking about? CBD of course!  

One of the main issues we face until such a time that cannabis is legalised in the UK is the interchanging of the same names for very different substances. CBD may well be derived from cannabis, but it is categorically not cannabis. 

When many people think of cannabis they think of it being smoked after it’s been bought on the streets in a completely unregulated way. Others think of illegal, often subterranean, growing farms which are again completely different to the world of CBD that we’re looking to raise awareness of. Cannabis UK legalisation still outlaws these types of black market activities, but it fully endorses the use, sale and distribution of properly tested CBD products. 

The remainder of this article will be dedicated to explaining why this is so and clearing up the grey areas that seem to emerge when cannabis and CBD become terms people all too often mix up. There’s no ulterior motive when people do this, it’s simply a lack of awareness of a lesser degree of education on the subject. Our job, as Northern Ireland’s leading CBD wellness brand, is to raise awareness and provide education on this matter. Let’s dive right in! 

When will the UK be a country where cannabis is legal?

The short answer is that we don’t know and the slightly longer answer is that this may happen in the medium term. Countries like the US have already begun the process on a state by state basis, but progress in the UK remains several steps behind this. There’s nothing wrong with the law taking time to come to a reasoned, sensible decision, but we also want to see some wider acknowledgement of the health benefits of cannabis. 

The best way that this has been so far has not been making cannabis legalised but in the form of the widespread uptake of CBD products. By giving people from all walks of life a quick and easy way to access all of the natural goodness that cannabis delivers, with none of the side effects, CBD is something of an all-natural wellness revolution. Good news indeed for those who are fed up with the slow pace of cannabis legalisation in the UK and just want to focus on the health and wellness benefits. 

Now let’s take a look at one of the key questions that will definitely clear up the uncertainty around the relationship of CBD products to street cannabis. 

If you cant buy cannabis online, you can buy CBD?

Yes, CBD is fully legal and becoming increasingly tightly regulated throughout the UK, and beyond. This is good news for those of you who want to be able to experience the proven health and wellness benefits of our Londonderry CBD products for yourself, as well as for those who are reliant on the pain relief and anxiety reductions it has been shown to provide. 

The most important distinction to draw here is that while CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, it isn’t cannabis — it’s an extract. In the same way that many common household products are derived from raw materials that are themselves illegal, CBD coming from cannabis plants does not make it illegal in and of itself. Good news for those of you who want to be able to put this common objection to bed once and for all. 

But, that said, there will always be some who try CBD products and then want to try unrefined cannabis too. This could be for a number of reasons: personal choice, the desire to experiment, or a temptation to see what the effects of THC are on their mind and body. Everything is a personal choice in this regard, but we would emphasise the need to practise caution. Not only does the current cannabis UK legalisation tightly maintain the position of cannabis being an illegal substance, the industry is nowhere near as well regulated as the CBD industry. 

Let’s move beyond this issue now and focus on how you can find a reputable, reliable and trustworthy CBD with nothing but a couple of clicks. 

What to look out for when buying CBD online?

Ask anyone who has recently come to our Londonderry CBD business for products and they will tell you that we’re never afraid to do things differently. While some brands seemingly spend all of their time, money and effort on enticing branding that’s designed to catch the eye, we know what really matters: the science behind our CBD products. 

Don’t get us wrong; we’re a business like any other and that means we do spend a lot of effort on our branding. But what we really have at the core of our business is a belief that if you give the world the finest quality, purity and transparency, the world will come to you. No amount of clever branding or enticing wording will be able to beat a product with proven efficacy that has been shown to work when tested to the very highest standards in the whole industry. 

To prove to you that our Northern Irish CBD brand is ahead of the curve, we set out to make it the most attractive proposition for anyone looking to buy cannabis online. Rather than try to build a brand around incredible results or cheap prices, we’ve built a brand on the one thing that matters more than ever before: your health and wellness. 

To make it happen, we spend a massive proportion of our budget and ongoing sales on independent third party testing at every step of our processes. This enables us to deliver a pure CBD range that contains everything your mind and body need, and nothing more. Ideal when you want a legal alternative to street cannabis that won’t offer any of the unwanted side effects that so often come with adulterated substances and supplements. 

When will cannabis become legal?

Predicting the precise date or window of time when UK cannabis legalisation will occur isn’t all that useful when it comes down to it. Society is clearly already travelling in that direction which is good news, and if you don’t want to have to wait, you can get an optimised experience via our third party tried and tested CBD products. 

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